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The origin of Orasis Infotech Private Limited, the parent company of Savvy HRMS traces back to year 2005.

Founded as a firm 18 years ago, it used to provide software as well as software support for small businesses dealing in export and import in its initial years. It was on June 15, 2015, that three of the best brains in the IT field formally incorporated Orasis Infotech Private Limited

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Savvy HRMS is fit for all type of organizations, whether it is manufacturing industry, corporate offices or any other organization.

Savvy HRMS is much robust HRMS application, that reduces the customization with their own vast features and functions which makes favorite of all the organisations.


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Savvy HRMS is the most comprehensive HRMS and Payroll software solution in the industry,

having complete HR automation solution, powered by more than 20 modules

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Manage employee processes with...

Visitor Management

Employee Self Service (ESS)

Employee Self Service gives employees a high control over their tasks and work profile as well as information in the company. This reduces the work of HR department.

icon Resume Management

Manager Services

Managers view information of their team members any time they want without involving HR which is a big time saver for both manager and HR team.

Visitor Management

HR Services

Allow HR Team to manage all activity for whole organization with one Platform


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We have successfully implemented the PMS Module of Savvy HRMS. The functionality & flow is really very good and user-friendly. Our management & our employees have appreciated the PMS Module.

Client Fratelli
Parveen Kumar |Manager – I.T]

The thing that has been most helpful to us is the ability to customize the system to meet our needs. The Savvy HRMS development team has done awesome work in developing additional modules that fit our demands.

Client omhra
Mr. Sumer Seth Director

We chose Savvy HRMS as a means to engage our employees in the aspects of HR activities such as Leave, Attendance and Payroll management.

Client Felix Healthcare
Mr. Ashok Mandal Head IT

It has been our pleasure to work with Savvy HRMS Team as they are pretty responsive for my all queries and problems. They were always available timely and friendly.

Client mycity4kids
Mr. Gajendra Gupta Head HR

Time Office, Employee Self Service, Manager Services and HR Services modules in Savvy HRMS empower employees. Additionally, the Analytical and MIS report in the software are very intuitive.

Mr. Sandeep Sharma Head HR

Actually I was looking for a HRMS Software which would align with our processes and help us in automation with minimum changes in the way how our company worked....

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Mr. Rakesh Goel Head

My experience with Savvy HRMS Team far exceeded my expectations, in products, in services, and in support. Yes, I will recommend them for HRMS Software....

Client mecamidi
Ms. Anu Agrawal Head HR

When we started to use Savvy HRMS – TimeOffice, LMS Module, We found it to be even more useful than expected and it has the best application....

Client make my trip
Mr. Gurpreet Singh Head HR

    Savvy HRMS-Modules

    Recruitment Management

    We provide interactive tools to optimize the hiring process of the company. Savvy HRMS Recruitment Management Software offers gallop of benefits such as cost and time saving feature, digital tracking of job openings, automation in hiring process from interview till offer letter and much more.

    • Easy steps to create Job Opening.
    • Online Tracking of Job opening on single click. Manage Candidate repository.
    • Easy step to handle complete interview process.
    • Online offer generation process.
    • Transfer candidate information to Employee database on single click.
    On Boarding & Employee Management

    Our On Boarding employee management software enables the organization to enhance their productivity and promote less paper work. We offer premium grade assessment tools and certification system to streamline hiring process. Through this software, companies can track the operation of new recruits and their performance after final hiring.

    • Improved process efficiency and compliance
    • Faster time to contribution
    • Better employee engagement and retention
    • Robust set of workflow automation tools, which improve compliance
    • Divide the on boarding process in multiple tasks and assign different users.
    • Auto creation of task while new joinee comes into the system.
    • Auto movement of task into the cycle configured for on boarding.
    • Online tracking of on-boarding status of any employee.
    • After completion of on-boarding process employees can do their day to day activities in the system.
    Attendance & Leave Management

    Savvy HRMS offers you real time attendance management tools like biometric device configuration, automatic leave request and approval, leave policy etc. The software is also embedded with various features of attendance capturing like online login portal, face recognition tool, biometric device etc.

    • Flexible for customization as per your existing policies.
    • Flexible to integrate with any biometric, swipe machine.
    • Highly configurable Shift policy.
    • Configure no. of rosters as per companies policy.
    • Request track by token.
    • Policy based request workflow for approval process.
    • Ability to initiate delegation for all requests.
    • Reminders, Alerts and reassignment of request processes.
    • Cover all industries to minimize the further customization.
    Payroll Management

    We provide modernized Payroll Software well equipped with systematic tools and user friendly interface. Bundled with plethora of traits, it excels in managing salary, loan, advancements and pay days of employees. Individuals can access their data through single login.

    • Flexibility and power to handle any type of salary structure.
    • 100% accurate and professional looking pay-slips, instantly, and without any effort.
    • Customize the appearance and content of your salary slips.
    • Generate the pay-slips and download them for printing.
    • Publish pay-slips online and employees can view / download the salary slips at their convenience.
    • All statutory deductions for PF, ESI, Professional tax, TDS, etc. are automatically managed
    • Generate reports like PF ECR file, ESI Returns, PT reports of all states and TDS returns without having to do any additional work.
    • TDS automatically deducted but various related reports are ready to use including Monthly Tax Statement, Form 16 & 12BA, eTDS Returns, Form 24Q, etc.
    • Ensure accuracy with a variety of reconciliation tools.
    • Reports like employee head count reconciliation and payroll transfer type reconciliation.
    Tax Management

    Our tax management module is highly flexible and client friendly. The tedious tasks of HRA calculation, TDS details, investment declaration and form 16 generation can be easily done through this software.

    • Flexibility and power to handle any type of salary structure.
    • Approval of declaration given by employees.
    • Calculation of TDS based on the declared investment.
    • HRA calculation based on Metro and Non-Metro cities.
    • Easy Form 16 generation on one click for Employees Tax return filing.
    • Employees can also download the form 16 from tax return filing.
    • Various reports to view the TDS employee wise as well as other entity wise.
    Statutory Compliances

    Managing statutory compliance without any tool is quite complex. With Savvy HRMS software, it becomes pretty effortless to set up statutory compliance along with challan generation. Moreover, automation I compliance process will save the companies from heavy penalties.

    • Configuration and calculation of TDS based on the salary component and deduct TDS under section 192 of the income tax act, 1961.v
    • Option to generate form 24Q and from 16 in on e single click.
    • Option to generate the PF challan in one single click.
    • Option to generate the ESI challan in one single click.
    • State-based configuration of Professional tax and their deduction while generating the payroll. Also generate of professional tax challan in one single click.
    • Gratuity calculation and provision for the employee when he/she left the organization.
    Loan Management

    Handling multiple genre of loans manually is a troublesome affair. Our loan management module helps the companies to calculate employees’ interest, EMI, loan balance and maintain loan ledger, approval data and repayment options. Tracking loan requests and approvals will get simplified through this configuration.

    Loan Management

    • Handling of multiple types of loan.Loan can be managed on the basis of fixed interest calculation & reducing interest calculation.
    • Online Loan Request from the employee based on the policy.
    • Loan approval process based on work flows.
    • Rich option to manage the loan EMI.
    • Multiple loan repayment option.
    • Loan balance & loan ledger employee wise can be taken.
    • Handling statutory compliance for company provided loans.

    A complete HR solution for every business